1st place in my category 5Km race!!!!

Today I ran a 5Km race for the first time (not the first time I run that distance, but I’ve never ran in any race – heck, I’ve never been involved in competitive anything).

I made 1st place for the “42-year old Venezuelan men living in Hoboken” category 😉

OK, seriously, I was the 321st person to cross the finish line, but I did the whole thing in a bit under half hour (28 min 47 sec), which means that I did push myself a little after all, even though I didn’t intend to.

My plan was to run these 5Km just as I would when I do it for pleasure, but on those occasions it takes me about 34 minutes to run the same distance. Pretty neat, eh?

The remarkable thing about the race was the rush of taking off with another 600 people. The energy radiated by the group was something really amazing, and I felt goose bumps continuously as I ran the first 10 or so minutes. I just couldn’t help feeling euphoric.

I guess my life’s not as uninteresting after all…


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