Dates on the internet

I’m not referring here to the ones you get at (where if you don’t like things, you get an additional 6 months of something you didn’t like to begin with), or (which won’t like you if you’re gay or married or both), or all the beautiful russian ladies who write to me because they want “man of integrity with good job who want to make kids with family” (if they just knew how much email I get because of my excessively heavy penis, which has led to erectile dysfunction, not to mention all the millions I DIDN’T get from nigeria, they would just give up on me).

No, I’m talking here about dates like the ones you see on a calendar!

It’s really a pain in the ass to do any kind of research online because the material you’re likely to find is not dated. It’s impossible to tell, without even more research (let’s call it meta-research) to find out whether what you’re reading is 1 week or 10 years old.

Newspapers, by their nature, don’t have this problem, neither do blogs (because they’re supposed to resemble a journal – duh!), but many white papers, and purely informational material simply lack a date which would cut down to about 2 seconds the time you need to determine whether what you just found is useful or not.

It’s probably late for the gazillion undated pages out there, however, any new material should bear a date. There, I said it.


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