Procrastination and the courts

Today as I ran, I thought about procrastination (something I often catch myself doing) and I was going to write about it when I got home, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Shortly after that thought, ADD kicked in and my mind went in 20 different directions, like it so often does. Then, for a brief instant, I looked to my right and there was this sign (I’ll post the picture tomorrow) at the entrance of a passageway listing the “Passageway Rules” (the word “rules”, in this case, is not used as a verb).

I had to do a double-take, for I couldn’t believe that a passageway that’s roughly 15 by 15 feet, right through a building, would have “rules”. After reading it, my guess was that the building’s owner has an attorney with a shopping problem, so he needs to make himself “useful” in order to pay for his habit.

If a simple passageway has rules important enough to be engraved on a bronze plaque and displayed prominently (more so than the building’s very name!), it’s no surprise that our legal system is buried under what is probably the vastest collection of laws, regulations, and rules in the world. I have no proof of this, but I have a very strong hunch that this is, indeed, the case.

In the 231 years that this country can claim as its history, more of these edicts have been written than probably in the preceeding 5000 years of WORLD history (again, don’t quote me on this as I’m only speculating and it’s late and I suffer from ADD).

I think it’s absurd that there’s an ongoing fight here to remove the ten commandments from court buildings because they establish a connection between [organized] religion and government. The reason I find it absurd is that disconnecting ten puny laws from a body that includes THOUSANDS of them is akin to stealing a book from the Library of congress!!! (use of lower case very intentional)

Of course, to those [idiots] that are opposed to displaying the ten commandments prominently in any court because THEY think that it blurs the line that supposedly separates church from state, accomplishing their goal is particularly hard because humanity (and especially US people, being adept as they are to stating laws, regulations, and rules) would have come to those 10 laws anyway! If you choose not to believe that they came from God (and I’m not saying that they did or didn’t), you would have to be in denial not to accept that aside from the few that are obviously meant to perpetuate people’s belief in one God, they’re just laws of common sense in order to live in an environment involving more than 2 people. See, if humanity were only 2 people, “Thou shalt not murder” would really be moot after human #1 killed human #2, not to mention that “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife” would make these 2 poor people spend the rest of their days wondering what the hell is a wife, or what the hell is a neighbor if they’re married to one another.

Anyway, and not to stray, too much, at least, from my main point, it’s not enough that the first word we learn right after “da-da” and “pooh” is “NO”, but we must experience that concept continuously until we have children of our own to pass on the legacy and even after that, everywhere we turn to, there’s a street sign that starts with “no”, and when we’re not driving, our lives are ruled by an overwhelming number of NO’s.


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