Your typical linux experience (mine, at least)

This is from December 31, 2011, hence the red line half-way down…



2 Responses to “Your typical linux experience (mine, at least)”

  1. tony Says:

    I actually stumbled upon your site looking for a libra office printing issue and got side tracked. Your troubleshooting skills are mind boggling. Haven’t you ever heard of the KISS principle? Why didn’t you just fix samba from the command line via ssh like a real man. I’ve had my samba server up and running for years with no gui and no vnc and no mint. You are your own worst enemy.

  2. blogsperiment Says:

    Yes, I’ve heard of KISS. As a matter of fact, I try to adhere to it, but it sometimes eludes me. On my desktop computer I actually have a bash script I wrote to start smb and nmb manually on the rare occasion when I need to reboot, but haven’t had the time to look into how to automate this (I’m sure it’s a simple thing and eventually will get to it). The above experience was a combination of something else standing in my way and my desire to fix that as well and quite a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder.

    I’m at that stage where trying to understand things a bit better makes me my own worst enemy (enema, sometimes). I don’t mind using config files; in fact I’d rather use that, but sometimes it’s not very straight-forward to find where those are. You’ve had your “samba server up and running for years…” Key word here: “years.” I’ve been at this less than a year, and I’m sticking to the experiment, but sometimes it’s been really uphill.

    I wanted to use vnc because the two computers were in different rooms and didn’t feel like running around. When this happened, ssh didn’t even cross my mind. Mint? Well, that’s part of every novice’s distro-hopping period.

    Thanks for your feedback and hope to get more of it as I go along…

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