If you’re into computers or in the market for a new portable machine, you’ve heard by now of some of them being referred to as “ultrabooks.”

The term, which defines (I’m working from memory here) computers that sport Intel cpu’s, are under an inch thick, and have 5 hours or more of battery life came, obviously out of Intel.

As the manufacturer behind most of the cpu’s used in computers these days, they went ahead and trademarked the name and, having the muscle they have, they’ll probably even market the concept to pre-schoolers, just like junk-food manufacturers shove their garbage down our kids’ psyche’s while they watch Backyardigans, which means that, just like toddlers in a supermarket, consumers will start asking “where’s the ultrabook?”

Obviously, as the term’s tradermarked, vendors who want to get on the bandwagon (my guess… all of them) now have all the pressure Intel wants them to have to use their cpu’s, or else face the Federal Government.

In the meantime, HP came out with a line of AMD-equipped “sleekbooks,” a term they ought to trademark, just to make the shopping experience confusing enough to consumers so Intel is forced to stop this crap, but then it’s just wishful thinking to expect companies that exist on the fine line that separates bankruptcy from profitability to stand-up to one of their only two cpu suppliers.

Quite the coup, I must say… blameless bullying. Brilliant. At least we know now that someone was taking notes while Microsoft was being dragged into court for anti-trust violations.


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