Google detox

Took me, a while to take the plunge, especially because all my email is forwarded to and answered from my gmail account, not to mention that another such account serves as a backup for all incoming mail, but last week, after a lot of trepidation, I opened a account.

As opposed to gmail’s 10GB limit, zoho’s mail boxes are only 5GB, but hopefully that won’t be a problem. And if it is, well, I’ll create another account or move my email somewhere else.

So far, I’m liking zoho very much. Took me a few days to get used to the interface, but it’s OK, even though you can’t sort emails by sender or subject (one of my pet peeves with gmail).

Spam filtering isn’t as good as google, but having to delete some 10 emails that fly under the radar every day isn’t too high a price to pay for a sense of real privacy.

My plan is to use both services in parallel for a few more days and then have my email forwarded to exclusively. also has a calendar tool (among a slew of other apps, similar to google’s offering), and importing my events and reminders from google was a seamless process.

So far, I’m enjoying zoho. It looks like a keeper and I’m one step closer now to leave google as behind as possible.


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