2007-08-02 (this is when this blog was actually created)

I’ve thought about a blog several years ago, in 1998, before the term was coined or even thought of. At the time I was thinking of complaints, and figured I’d get (yiddish for “complaining”), but it was taken already. Still, I put it up and was disciplined enough to make one post ( in case you’re curious).

After that, I restricted my writings to paper, but the thought of a blog was always in the back of my mind, and when this blogging fad started, I was too slow to jump on it, hence the not-s0-creative name for this one.

First, I thought I had come up with a clever name for this blog thing – “Just Because”, but it was taken already.

Then, after raking my brain again for who knows how many hours, I thought of another name: “Why Not”. It was taken too.

The worst part is that both authors never got around to adding more than 2 posts to their blogs, which have remained inactive for over a year.

And after spending even some more time trying to find out if inactive blogs are deleted so that their names can be reused, I found out that they aren’t. Bummer.

So, without further ado, here’s my blog. No idea what it will be about or even if it will have a theme (my life doesn’t, so why should my blog?), so I decided to make up a word and call it that: Blogsperiment. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become a FrankenBlog (which I am about to grab, just in case…).

Nevermind; FrankenBlog is taken as well (and it hasn’t been updated since Jan 2006).

For now, I’ll populate the blog with essays about my own experiences and, keeping with the Kvetch tradition, opinion. Hope you enjoy this piece of my mind…


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